Neonatal care in prematurity
Postnatal Depression (PND)

So after all the waiting, excitement, planning, and scans your babies are finally here.  Having multiples is a momentous and wonderful event but coping with your new life together can feel challenging. Hopefully everything has gone to plan, but you may have experienced a few unexpected twists – you may have hoped for a natural birth and ended up with a caesarean section or one or more of your children may be in neonatal care. You are likely to feel a whole raft of emotions over the next few months as you grapple with the challenges of feeding two babies, the logistics of getting out, juggling older siblings, housework and looking after yourself – all while sleep – deprived. You may experience feelings such as pride, anxiety, elation and loneliness and it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Crying with exhaustion and frustration are not uncommon among mums of twins, triplets and more. Remind yourself that this is normal. Break your day up into small, manageable chunks and celebrate the many joyous moments you will experience with your babies.

Have your camera charged and at hand – there will be many wonderful moments to capture.

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