Sonny, Lucas and Devon

Feeding and prematurity

When my babies were born they were too small to be held and needed tube feeding.  I expressed milk for them in hospital, when I went home four days later I hired a double electric pump and took the milk into hospital in cool bags.  I gradually introduced formula so that when they came home after six weeks they were exclusively formula fed.  They were tiny as they were 11 weeks premature and needed feeding two hourly round the clock with each feed taking around an hour!  We drew up a shift system where my husband, mum and I would take shifts to feed the babies throughout the night.  They were bottle-fed (after I expressed milk for them in hospital) and we used to put them in their bouncy chairs and prop bottles up with a towel, taking turns to pick them up and wind them.?When my mum went back home we got a night nanny for two nights a week and gradually feeds became less frequent and I was guaranteed two nights full sleep a week.

Rachel from Herne Hill, mum to Sonny, Lucas and Devon, 4 and Roman, 5

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