Otis and Silas

We were delighted when we found out we were having twins and surprised that they were going to be identical.

As the twins were monochorionic diamniotic (MCDM – one placenta but two sacs) I was scanned once a fortnight. We were pleased to see the regular progress of our babies and also reassured by the level of attention we received.

At 32 weeks I went to a routine midwife appointment at King’s and was referred to the Maternity Assessment Unit (MAU) with suspected pre-eclampsia.  After a long wait I was admitted to the hospital.

The obstetrician said that I would be delivered in the next few days, which I felt it was too early.  When I questioned this it turned out that my notes had been changed to read MCMA (monochorionic monamniotic twins – one sac) instead of MCDM which meant I would have been a higher risk pregnancy and needed to be delivered at 33 weeks.  I was pleased I questioned this because the babies could have arrived earlier than needed.

At 35 weeks and five days I was admitted again, this time with confirmed pre-eclampsia and it was agreed that they would deliver that day. We were scrubbed up and went in around 6.45pm.  By 7.01pm our lovely boy Silas was born and by 7.04pm, equally lovely Otis was born. The whole procedure was very calm and I was in recovery about ten minutes later. We were very lucky to have a really experienced midwife in recovery who was determined to keep the boys out of special care and gave me encouragement with feeding.

The support at King’s was mixed in the three days we were there.  Luckily we were given a separate room and generally the day staff were helpful.  In particular, there were lots of staff to guide you through breastfeeding.  At night was the hardest.  I was still very weak from the c-section and my partner was not allowed to stay the night.  When I asked for help to feed Otis and Silas this was done very begrudgingly.

The boys were very good the evening we came home but that night they were up all night and it was so much harder than the previous three nights had been.  I called the community midwife in tears and asked for help. She arrived at lunch time, said that I was doing a great job and left.  And then we were on our own.  And we were absolutely fine.  Luckily my partner, Alex, was able to take quite a bit of time off work so we were able to get into a routine quite quickly.

The boys are doing really well and are an absolute joy. It IS true – a double blessing.  We feel very lucky and proud.

Sonya, mum of Otis and Silas, 6 months, from Forest Hill

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