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The shock and elation of being told you’re expecting more than one baby may have soon given way to the realities of a difficult pregnancy and the anxiety of prematurity. With the arrival of your children the relief and excitement shared by family and friends may have turned to absolute exhaustion as you try to meet the demands of these little people who are totally dependant on you.

Feeling overwhelmed? Then let’s be practical! How do you really enjoy those early years?

  • Remember that your family is unique – don’t compare yourself with anybody, especially those who have had singleton pregnancies
  • Keep your expectations low – in those early days, if you can get yourself dressed, the children fed and a ready meal into the microwave for you and your partner then give yourself a pat on the back
  • Housework is definitely over-rated. A story, a game, an activity or outing is a lot more fun than cleaning a loo that will look no different in a few hours!
  • Enjoy the small things – snuggling down with them for an afternoon nap is luxurious
  • Take lots of photos because when you look at them in years to come, you’ll realise that you remember very little of those early years
  • Meet other twin/multiple birth parents – they understand what you’re going through
  • If possible make child-free time for you and your partner
  • Never say no to offers of help
  • Share with a friend the struggles you’re having.

Ruth from West Dulwich, mum to Laura, 13, Matthew and Jonathan, 7.
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