Expectant parents pack

It’s twins – What now?
- Health in your twin pregnancy
- Are they identical?
- Medical conditions
How to plan for multiples
- Buying equipment
- Support
- Feeding
- Sleep deprivation
- Neonatal care in prematurity
- Postnatal depression (PND)
Here to help – sources, resources and contact details
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Welcome and congratulations on your news!

We hope that this booklet will provide you with a unique first-hand insight into having twins and multiples, which complements the medical information you will be provided with.

This will be a joyful, daunting, exciting, overwhelming, anxious, proud, fun experience, and you have hugely rewarding months and years ahead of you as expectant – then very real – parents of multiples.

Reading this, it is hard to believe that my own twins, Sophie and Eleni are three already. When we saw their two little heartbeats on the monitor for the first time, we were overjoyed having tried to have a baby for a long time. From that moment, they have put a smile on our faces every single day. I have no doubt that your precious new arrivals will do the same.

We have included the personal stories of many Dulwich and District Twins Club members through the whole journey – from first finding out you are carrying twins/triplets through to postnatal.  We hope that you find their experiences useful in finding a path through those early weeks and months with your new babies. When you have found your feet, come and visit us! We would love to meet you at our playgroup or one of our social events.

With best wishes and good luck to you at this most exciting time.

Gyorgyi Valenti-Ferrinho, mum to Sophie and Eleni 3
Chair of Dulwich and District Twins Club

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