Buddy groups

One of the most critical ways we provide support is to help match expectant mamas up with each other, roughly based on due date, so that you’ll have a support group of women going through the same thing at the same time. Let us know when you join, or at any point after, if you would like to be set up with a buddy group. We typically set up four per year, emailing you all to put you together and let you take it from there.
(Normally this is the mums but we’re happy to fix up the dads too!)
A new programme we’re testing out is to match up expectant parents with already-parents, so you also have someone to talk to who’s been through it before, and maybe someone who can take care of you a little now that they’re out of the newborn stage! (We need a catchy name for this, any ideas??) Let us know if you want an already-parent friend, and likewise, we’ll put periodic calls out for already-parents to volunteer, but do let me know if you can help out. This can be anything from being at the end of a Whatsapp chat for questions, visits, watching the babies for a few hours so the new parents can get a break, dropping off a meal or two—whatever you’re available for. The buddy groups are organised by me, Abby—email newmembers@ddtwinsclub.org to get added to one.

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