Membership discounts

We’re delighted to offer members a range of discounts and offers from local shops, services and traders. All you need to do is show your orange membership card.

We thank every shop, service or trader who has signed up to date!

If you know of a local business who might wish to offer something for our club of 175 members and rising (with their 500 children, counting siblings of twins and triplets), please do let us know via our contact form so that we can get in touch with them.

  • All Fired Up - Half-price studio fee.
  • Balfe’s Bikes – 10% discount on all items.
  • The Clipper barbers offer a 10% discount for twins.
  • Country Spray Florist – 383 Lordship Lane, Dulwich SE22 8NA, 020 8693 5555
    10% discount till 11 November 2013.
  • Daisy Lets – 10% off referencing (for tenants) and 10% off letting (for landlords) fees.
  • Dell Autos – 10% discount on all items.
  • Gymboree – 25% discount for the second twin and for new joiners a 50% discount for second twin.
  • The SE22 Piano School – Currently offers a sibling discount if booking two piano lessons. A 30 minute lesson is £22, a 60 minute lesson is £40 (saving £4). Members that sign up before 22 December can have the fee reduced to £35 for a 60 minute lesson. Items in the shopfront used for piano lessons will have a 10% discount on any item of children’s clothing. Offer valid during November 2012. Free coffee with any purchase in the shop. Offer valid during December 2012.
  • Sparkle & Spin – 20% discount on clothes using the code 20DDTWINSCLUB at the website checkout.
  • Tippee Toes – 50% discount for the second twin across all classes.

Also, Sing & Sign have got in touch to let us know that they only charge for one twin at their classes, i.e. bring one baby along for free (this offer is open to any family with twins, not just club members). In Southwark and Lambeth they also welcome an additional carer, if available, for twins at no extra charge.