Summer picnic

Each summer we hold a picnic for members in Peckham Rye Park, with music, craft, face painting and games.

We hold the picnic in the enclosed Arboretum area behind the Sexby Gardens in Peckham Rye Park.

Our 2011 picnic was held on a lovely summery September day, and we kept the children (and they kept us!) very busy throughout the afternoon. Karen from Raingold Faces ( did a wonderful job offering face painting throughout the afternoon with a multitude of stunning designs. Many of the children also made colourful kites with Jo’s expert help, and they proved very effective at flying, to everyone’s delight.

As well as the arts and crafts, there was music under the welcome shade of a gazebo and towards the end of the day the children took to their scooters, bikes and sometimes just two feet for a couple of wacky races around the Arboretum.

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