Expectant parents evening

Our next expectant parents evening is at 7pm on 8 October, at All Fired Up cafe, 34 East Dulwich Road. (This is a rescheduled date for the evening which was originally planned for 24 September)

Come along and meet other parents of multiples, ask us any questions you might have, and compare notes with other expectant parents.

We’ll be covering pregnancy, birth, the early weeks and months, sleep, feeding, kit, development, coping with it all, and any other topics and issues people want to bring.

Find out more about our expectant parents evenings here: http://www.ddtwinsclub.org/support/expectant-parents-evenings/

TAMBA talk: Preparing your multiples for pre/primary school (Sat 28 September)

This two hour talk designed for those with 2-4 year old multiples is delivered by Carolyn Graham, Tamba trained facilitator and Tamba’s Honorary Consultant for Educational Psychology.

Carolyn will discuss the issues faced by parents and will draw on the experience of other parents to answer questions about when multiples begin their schooling, such as ‘Is it better for them to be in the same class at school or should they be separated?’ ‘How can I help each child develop their own potential?’ ‘Should I be encouraging them to have different friends?’ ‘How can I manage to fit in two (or more) lots of homework?’ ‘What should I do if one of them gets on better than the other at school?’

This talk is held at Syracuse University, Faraday House, 48–51 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AE and will run on Saturday 28 September from 2pm-4pm. Nearest tube: Holborn. Supplementary information is supplied after the workshop.

Places are £10 each, click here to book.

Twin talk: healthy eating and managing fussy eaters

Our talk on Healthy Eating and Managing Fussy Eaters will be from 8pm on 15 August at the Clockhouse pub on the corner of Barry Road and Peckham Rye. Spaces are still available so do come along if you can make it.

The talk costs £5 per family and Sophie Martin will be hosting, please let her know if you will attend on: sophiemartin@me.com.

This session is an opportunity to explore the parenting challenges that come with two or more children establishing their eating habits and will be focusing on children aged between two to five years. Issues that will be discussed include:

  • How might you encourage healthy eating habits in your children
  • Why children can become fussy eaters
  • What parents might do when faced with challenging behaviours around meal times
  • How does being a multiple affect these behaviours and how might it affect the parents’ response

The talk will be presented by Janet Rimmer is a parenting facilitator and educator who specialises in parenting multiples. She has worked with Tamba for several years developing and delivering workshops and courses for parents of multiples as well as providing training for other parenting facilitators and Health and Social Care workers. Janet is mother to seventeen year old triplets so has experienced some of the delights and challenges of parenting multiples. Her most recent parenting challenge has been staying calm whilst all three learnt to drive!

Janet will also be happy to discuss weaning if there is interest so parents of younger babies will also be very welcome to attend.

Summer picnic: Sat 20 July!

Come along to the club’s annual summer picnic on Saturday, 20 July, 2 – 5pm at the Arboretum in Peckham Rye Park (in the picnic area between Sexby Gardens and the football fields). It will be our usual relaxed afternoon with a bring-your-own picnic, crafts, facepainting and kids’ races. We will be there unless torrential rain is expected!

A big refresh for our website!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our updated website. This is designed to make the club’s information even easier to use and also provides members with some great new online features.

Highlights from these changes include:

  • A simpler layout, which works on mobile phones and tablet devices too: now you’ll be able to use the website wherever you are! (even when you’re shivering in the park…)
  • A new calendar: we are switching to a Google calendar which means you can subscribe to updates and events from your laptop or phone.
  • Use email alerts and RSS feeds to keep in touch: you’ll be able to sign up to get updates sent to you in the way that you find most convenient.
  • Replacing ‘round robin’ emails with an online forum: giving members an easy way to share ideas, questions and advice, and also buy and sell nearly new items.
  • And… we’ve joined The Twitter! keep up to date with the latest club news by following us @ddtwinsclub

Make sure you check www.ddtwinsclub.org/news to keep in touch with what’s happening, and if you’d like to get involved with these changes please get in touch with us via our contact form.

Twin Talk: Sleeping

Join us on Wednesday, 24 April upstairs at the EDT at Goose Green/Lordship Lane in East Dulwich with invited speaker Nicola Watson from Child Sleep Solutions (http://www.childsleepsolutions.co.uk/) to talk about sleep. Attendance is free, Nicola is not charging us, and we have the venue for free as long as we all buy a few drinks at the bar!

Please rsvp by 1 April with Gyorgyi Valenti-Ferrinho, 07951 580633