Talk on Preparing for Pre/Primary School and the School Application Process

Our next talk is scheduled for 22 October to cover how to prepare your twins and multiples for pre- and primary school. We will also be able to provide some local advice and tips on the application process, the particular challenges in the wider Dulwich area because of a shortage of places, the appeals process, and who you can go to for advice.

We are hoping this is coming at just the right time for those of you in the middle of applying for school places. But the talk will also be useful for all families with younger children who are thinking about nursery and pre-school places. It will also be useful even if your children are already in school and you are looking for some advice on how you can support them.

Our main speaker will be Carolyn Graham, Tamba’s Honorary Consultant for Educational Psychology. Please see a short summary of the topics for discussion below. We will also have input from our membership on the local process.

Date: 22 October from 8 pm
Venue: The Herne Tavern (in the Garden Annex) at Peckham Rye, Forest Hill Road
Price: £5 per family

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