Twin talk: healthy eating and managing fussy eaters

Our talk on Healthy Eating and Managing Fussy Eaters will be from 8pm on 15 August at the Clockhouse pub on the corner of Barry Road and Peckham Rye. Spaces are still available so do come along if you can make it.

The talk costs £5 per family and Sophie Martin will be hosting, please let her know if you will attend on:

This session is an opportunity to explore the parenting challenges that come with two or more children establishing their eating habits and will be focusing on children aged between two to five years. Issues that will be discussed include:

  • How might you encourage healthy eating habits in your children
  • Why children can become fussy eaters
  • What parents might do when faced with challenging behaviours around meal times
  • How does being a multiple affect these behaviours and how might it affect the parents’ response

The talk will be presented by Janet Rimmer is a parenting facilitator and educator who specialises in parenting multiples. She has worked with Tamba for several years developing and delivering workshops and courses for parents of multiples as well as providing training for other parenting facilitators and Health and Social Care workers. Janet is mother to seventeen year old triplets so has experienced some of the delights and challenges of parenting multiples. Her most recent parenting challenge has been staying calm whilst all three learnt to drive!

Janet will also be happy to discuss weaning if there is interest so parents of younger babies will also be very welcome to attend.

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