TAMBA talk: Preparing your multiples for pre/primary school (Sat 28 September)

This two hour talk designed for those with 2-4 year old multiples is delivered by Carolyn Graham, Tamba trained facilitator and Tamba’s Honorary Consultant for Educational Psychology.

Carolyn will discuss the issues faced by parents and will draw on the experience of other parents to answer questions about when multiples begin their schooling, such as ‘Is it better for them to be in the same class at school or should they be separated?’ ‘How can I help each child develop their own potential?’ ‘Should I be encouraging them to have different friends?’ ‘How can I manage to fit in two (or more) lots of homework?’ ‘What should I do if one of them gets on better than the other at school?’

This talk is held at Syracuse University, Faraday House, 48–51 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AE and will run on Saturday 28 September from 2pm-4pm. Nearest tube: Holborn. Supplementary information is supplied after the workshop.

Places are £10 each, click here to book.

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